Top 10 Free PC Games 2013

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This is a list of 10 good free online pc games which are in the beta or are coming out 2013 10= DK Online 9= Age of Wushu/Wulin 8= Planetside 2 7= RaiderZ 6=…
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24 Responses to “Top 10 Free PC Games 2013”
  1. stefan litrop says:


  2. komakozeee says:

    the only thing is all of those trailers make these games look 10x better than what it is

  3. Hampus Prytz says:

    This little boy is unable to read.

  4. Worstje ILoveIt says:

    Just this games whatef*ck it are just RPG games or 1st person shooters That sucks man atleast look for games that are RPG or 1st person shooters that got something special something that the most of the games dont have like idk Warframe it is a first person shooter BUT it got cool things like running on walls and stuff

  5. MinecrafterHd628 says:

    all these suck 

  6. MinecrafterHd628 says:

    Ur name is swagg whatta fagg

  7. MC JO says:

    I love lol too but lol didn´t come out 2013

  8. luchosmvm says:

    how is blade & soul free ? wtf

  9. TheWispGamer says:

    Diablo 3 fucking costs you dumb shit.
    Also i have Diablo 3 and it is a waste of money, in my opinion.

  10. PCBrett says:

    Hey guys I just compiled a top 5 you’re welcome to check it out.

  11. MrSplodez says:

    Command and Conquer 2 is going to be free

  12. Michael Miley says:

    the planetside 2 trailer is for DUST 514

  13. DaviidDENG says:

    i would wake up sooo fast..

  14. lalaki123100 says:

    tera online

  15. Patip Thongsuknok says:

    when will blade and soul come out? :)

  16. Artemis Dianna says:

    To be honest u actually need to play the fucking game to rate it and also check that it’s fucking free for gods sake learn the word free

  17. TheYellowlama says:

    Where is LoL!!!!!!!

  18. Sandels krumpforlife says:

    allso im looking for a good ofline game free download like I want a good rpg thats free

  19. Sandels krumpforlife says:

    lol can u even get bio shock on a computer I never new if u could like I bought my xbox to play it

  20. Lord Nicon says:

    Where is World of Tanks? it’s free!

  21. Da11me says:

    1. bioshock infinate is NOT free
    2. go away

  22. MadJack JustWhy says:

    why is it only rpg mmo games where is all action like bioshock infinite

  23. BlueIronGames says:

    ur stupidness is worse then anyone else

  24. Blaze Dash says:

    there should be tera

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