Joomla! SEO – A Step by Step Tutorial 10/25/12

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This webinar, hosted by, runs through 10 steps for optimizing a Joomla website for local businesses. The host runs through 10 steps for optim…


3 Responses to “Joomla! SEO – A Step by Step Tutorial 10/25/12”
  1. haemorrhage3 says:

    Hello this is the first time im making a website, i just used your video and used joomla and when i want to look at the preview myself i can see the website and i can type it and search for it and it will show up, but when others try to look for it it will say :
    If you see this page it means:

    1) hosting for this domain is not configured
    2) there’s no such domain registered in Plesk.
    do you know perhaps how to solve this?

  2. Erik Wahlen says:

    I have created a lot of wordpress websites for me and for my clients and from my experience I can tell you that WordPress configuration can be a big hassle and most webmasters get it all wrong. So I decided to record every detail of my work in a video training course. go to my channel to watch the video I posted.

  3. jacksparrow90000 says:

    hiii.. im a part time joomla web developer. thanks to Cloudaccess i had a very good foundation. I watched basics and advance tutorial on joomla by cloudaccess and that was all i needed!!! now i’m getting 4-5 small website projects weekly… and now SEO!!
    I highly appreciate your work guys thank you very much.

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