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Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools. Learn more:


24 Responses to “Google Webmaster Tools”
  1. Duy Phương Nguyễn says:

    Tại sao mình không thấy Google dùng cảm nhận chữ người dùng trên trang khi bình luận hay một vấn đề gì đó…V..v. và tự động phiên bản dịch trên các ngôn ngữ này qua các ngôn ngữ khác cho cả Thế Giới… ha ha ha…….. =:))

  2. bgskin888 says:

    fuck this tool now i cant visit a webpage that i want

  3. Sam Sabesh says:

    cause your language is shit

  4. Ajibola Crown says:


  5. xfabD says:

    Keine Ahnung :D

  6. James Mathew says:

    Good service for webmasters to know about, and fix the issues with their sites in Google.

  7. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Good one

  8. Shun Hamasaki says:

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  9. santhwani prabha says:

    Still Google cud n’t English translation into Malayalam, why?

  10. erica montez says:

    wow this is really interesting…

  11. David Stevens says:

    Spend less time on SEO and more time on quality content, then maybe you won’t have as many problems getting indexed.

  12. Debra Long says:

    BOYCOTT GOOGLE, too many changes, too many times. It is hurting my many business. Everyone start using Bing or Yahoo. DO NOT USE GOOGLE

  13. Debra Long says:

    Google thinks they rule the internet making it very time consuming and complicated for a small business survive. I would like to start a campagin BOY Cotting the search engine Google. They are always making changes and are impossible to keep up with and are hurting many business. I say lets all botcott Google search engine and use Bing or any other but Google. Who is with me


    jajajaj comentarios en otros idiomas :p

  15. na00waf says:


  16. Дмитрий Беспалов says:

    И впрямь, чего это Вы все на своих языках пишите?)

  17. Aamir Shah says:

    First Multinational video huhh !! lol

  18. XUltra00 says:

    because 6.7 billion people on this planet speak in a language other than English, DUHH

  19. Леха Соснин says:

    Нет, это нельзя взрывать.

  20. saddam haque says:


  21. Terry Gunn says:

    Very Nice!

  22. 해수 정 says:


  23. Bijay Rai says:

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  24. Vijayshankar Mishra says:

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